The mission of the Citizen Soldier Connection is to connect soldiers and their families with volunteers in their local community that can assist in providing a network of support. If you are local citizen who is interested in providing this important support to military personnel and their families, click here to complete our sign up form.

Holiday Connections

The generosity of this community is unparalleled!  We have received more sign ups from local families than ever before.  We have reached capacity for the Thanksgiving program, and cannot take any more registrations.  If you would like to register for Christmas, please wait until after Thanksgiving to do so.  Thank you so much!

The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for a soldier and his family; many are far from their family and friends. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we offer our Holiday Connections. We match soldiers with families near to them to join together for the holiday for dinner. If you are interested in hosting a soldier (and possibly their families) please click here. We never send soldiers alone, so you will host a minimum on two soldiers for the holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Citizens

Q: How do I get connected with a soldier?

A: When you complete the Connection Sign Up sheet on the web site. We will match you with a soldier according to your preferences using common interests and personal traits as the basis. Then you will be invited to a CSC social event where you will be provided with a brief introduction to the program, along with a “Connection Packet.” After which you will be introduced to your selected soldier.

For Holiday Connections, we will match you with a soldier according to your preferences and common interests. We will then email you both with contact information. It will be up to you to contact your soldiers with details and directions for dinner.

Q: How often am I expected to meet with my soldier?

A: The goal of the program is to launch a lasting friendship between yourself and your soldier. Friends get together, talk by phone, exchange notes and E-MAILS as often as they wish as part of their friendship. There is no minimum requirement for meetings or other interactions.

For Holiday Connections, there is no assumed further relationship. If you would like to pursue interaction beyond the holiday meal it is up to both of you to decide that. If you do continue we would like to hear about it. Many good friend connections have happened from the Holiday Connections.

Q: Can I use frequent flier miles to provide tickets to my soldier’s family? 
A: No, the Joint Ethics Regulations prohibit gifts of this value. These regulations are posted on the CSC website for your review. Citizens are expected to comply with these regulations at all times.

Q: Will I be permitted to visit my soldier at Ft. Carson? 
A: Yes. With his/her invitation, you may enter the Post at Gate 1 on Highway 115 by presenting the proper credentials. You must pass this security procedure each time you enter the Post. Please observe all traffic regulations when on the Post grounds.

Q: What if we just don’t get along? Do we have to continue to get together? 
A: No. The program is voluntary. You may wish not to continue your relationship. We ask that you contact the CSC office to let them know you will not continue with the relationship and let them know if you wish to try to connect with another soldier.

DISCLAIMER The Citizen Soldier Connection (“CSC”) is a voluntary program for both citizens and soldiers. While CSC facilitates the connection between citizens and soldiers in order to accomplish the mission of CSC and, thereby, to benefit soldiers and citizens, CSC does not assign soldiers or citizens to one another. The connection of individuals is based on an apparent match that takes into consideration a variety of factors, including information provided by both soldiers and citizens, which leads to the introduction of a soldier and citizen to one another. Once the introduction is made, it is solely for the soldier and citizen to decide whether to establish and pursue a relationship and activities contemplated by the mission of CSC. CSC provides no assurance that the connection will work to the satisfaction of anyone, in either the short or long term, and CSC makes no guaranties as to the quality or success of the connection. Further, CSC makes no promises and bears no responsibility regarding the character, conduct or actions of any participants in the program. The soldier and citizen each fully accepts and bears any and all risks associated in any manner with the activity, conduct, misconduct, actions or inactions of the person with whom they choose to establish a connection. Each soldier and citizen who chooses to participate in the CSC program must, as a condition of participating in the program, sign and deliver to CSC a CSC Participant Waiver and Release Form. 
Ethics Rules click here

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