Joint Ethics Regulation Gift Acceptance Rules

Gifts Soldiers May Accept

  • Gifts with a value less than $20 per occasion and less than $50 per source per year
  • Soldiers may participate as a guest in modest family activities: hiking, dinner at home, going to a movie theater (limit of $20 per occasion) Note: gifts given to a Soldier’s family are added to the Soldier’s gift limit total
  • Discounts available to all Military Personnel

Gifts Soldiers May Not Accept

  • Gifts valued at more than $20
  • The total value of all gifts given to the same Soldier may not be more than $50 per year
  • Soldiers may participate in more costly family activities at their own expense but may not receive gifts of costly trips or attendance at athletic events where the ticket price/cost is greater than $20
  • No free leases on automobiles or other unique discounts with a fair market value more than $20
  • No cash or investment instruments may be accepted


  • When computing the $20 limit, you must include the fair market value of gifts given to a Soldier’s family in the total.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of permissible/impermissible gifts, these are merely examples.
  • If you have questions concerning whether a gift is permissible or not, you may contact the Fort Carson Administrative Law Office at 526-0618.

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