An Invitation for Cooperation

Dear Prospective Partner,

Citizen Soldier Connection is looking for reliable partners for mutually beneficial cooperation in serving our military veterans and their families in the Pikes Peak Region. Central to our mission’s success is our quest to develop cooperation initiatives with various organizations and individuals who understand and appreciate the needs of the military community. Each partnership is unique and is derived through a series of meetings and communications to ensure we reach a perfect fit between your organization, CSC, and the military.

Citizen Soldier Connection is embarking on an ambitious plan to strengthen relationships between the military and the community by expanding its activities. We are honored to work as a liaison between your organization and the local military and their families to provide services they may not otherwise be able to participate in.

Thank you for your interest in Citizen Soldier Connection. We are available for a meeting to go further into our mission and to take time to explore a partnership in the interest of serving our local military veterans and their families.

Looking forward to your inquiries,

Sherri Heitz

Executive Director