“…for a few weeks during the COVID pandemic, in early fall 2020, me and my family ran into some sudden financial hardships. It was a very drastic time for us and things were not looking good. All we could do is continue reaching out and hope for the best. We were referred to Citizen Soldier Connection through some mutual friends and resources who really showed a great deal of concern for our situation and understood how dire it had become. Within a very short time they responded with the help we desperately needed and assisted with resolving our circumstances tremendously - we are more than grateful for the compassion and support of Citizen Soldier Connection.”

- James, Infantry, Honorable Discharge

“…I was overcome with gratefulness as I looked at your check. This past Christmas was the toughest and most emotional Christmas of my life. I will never forget what you did for me. There are no words to fully express how you all have helped my daughter and me.”

- Jenet, Air Force SSgt

“…By God’s grace, just a few days before Christmas, we got the most amazing blessing from Citizen Soldier Connection. It paid for four months of daycare so that I can continue my education, which in turn gives my children an amazing education where they have been thriving in their classes. You allowed me to continue to work during the week to supplement our income and introduced us to an amazing friendship and support system through your organization. We are both so blessed and so grateful for the gift – words cannot describe our appreciation.”

- Michaela & Michael, Army E5

"Citizen Soldier Connection received a call that a wounded veteran had no electricity in the bathroom in their apartment. The maintenance people were not going to be able to get to his request for a few days. Citizen Soldier Connection were able to get a handyman dispatched to his residence the same day and got everything back into working order…. and CSC picked up the bill."

- Anonymous